Frequently asked questions

01 FAQ What is Phiz?

Phiz is a smart 3D scanning device, it will generate the 3D model of the physical object it scans.

02 FAQ How good is Phiz?

Phiz is probably the most accurate 3D scanner for the price point. Our patented AI technology is constantly optimizing the 3D scans in the backend to provide you the most realistic 3D model possible.

03 FAQ How much is Phiz?

Aside from the plans of huge promotions upon product launch, the retail price is set at USD 379.99

04 FAQ When can I order?

Phiz will be available to order in October of 2019!

05 FAQ Where can I order?

Phiz will first launch on Kickstarter. We will send out more information via email when we are getting closer.

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